When Hobby Brings Riches: People Who Made Their Fortune Doing What They Love

We know you would like to become a rich person one day. However, do you have what it takes to become rich? Yes, you have all it takes. According to me, being rich only needs one who has dreams and ambitions. If you work hard definitely, you will achieve all you want to be one of the rich people in the world.

Nevertheless, do you know some of the rich people currently only used what they loved doing to make money? If you look at the world of rich, many are using their hobbies to make money. For instance, photography, landscape design, vlogging, product reviews as http://onlineroulettewheel.co.uk/ and other things that make a good income.

Do you have a hobby? In addition, do you think it can make you rich? If so, please make sure it improves your financial status. The following are some of the people who are reaping big from their hobbies.

People Who Made Their Fortune Doing What They Love

Currently, there are not many job vacancies for everyone. Hence, some of the clever job seekers found alternative ways to make money. Using their hobbies the following people are now running multi-billion companies.

Terry Finley

The horse racing enthusiast decided to make his hobby a money making business. Terry is the founder of West Point Thoroughbreds. West Point Thoroughbreds is a horse racing Management Company in the USA. It also deals with developing horse racing competitions.

Mr Finley was a life insurance vendor when he purchased his first horse. Before that Terry ventured into horse business. He was an avid horse-betting lover for many years. Therefore, his love for horses began a long time ago.

He bought his first horse at $5,000. Not long after he had bought the horse, ‘Sunbelt’ the name of Terry’s horse won its first racing competition. After Sunbelt won, its first race as a venture capitalist bought some ownership rights of the horse.

This enabled Finley to buy a new horse in less than two months. Not long after his business started making huge profits did Finley resign his insurance job. He fully decided to make West Point Thoroughbreds the best horse managing company in the US.

Through advices from entrepreneurs that had similar businesses, he was able to grow his company. Later in 2004, he decided to revamp the West Point Thoroughbred website to enable him to track his metrics.

As per this moment, Terry’s company is worth six and a half million US dollars.

Megan Duckett

At nineteen Megan, an Australian citizen moved to Los Angeles in the US. Her main vision was working in the entertainment business one day. On her free time, she would work as an event organiser. In addition, when she had nothing to do she would do sewing. She mostly used to make outfits, making bed covers, and long curtains.

One day an opportunity came knocking. It was for making inside layers inside ten attractive coffins. Duckett took the job, and since then she decided to focus on sewing, as it was something unique she possessed from other people.

Years later Megan was reaping big from her sewing hobby, sometimes even making more money than her event organising job. After this realisation, she decided to leave her job and concentrate on sewing. She rented a warehouse and employed three people who helped her.

In the first year of the business, she was able to make a revenue of $80,000. The name of her business was “Sew What?” Megan started sewing items such as bags that had her company’s logo. Currently, her company is recognised when it comes to sewing in the United States of America.

Some years back Megan opened a new business known as “Rent What?” that offered people to rent long curtains rather than buying them. Now, both her businesses are generating $6.2 million in production sales.

Craig Jenkins Sutton

Craig’s hobby is gardening. However, did he know he could make money with his hobby? We bet ‘No’. Craig started Topiarius, in 2003, which is a landscape designing, and maintenance company. It is based in Chicago.

The main service Topiarius offers to his clients an appealing landscape according to a customer’s necessities. Through its expert workers, it has been able to provide the best services to their customers. Topiarius Company works with both commercial and residential customers.

Before many customers could prefer Craig’s company, he could go door to door leaving posters of what his company does. In a week, he could receive a call from around forty customers. With doing this, he was able to double the company’s income, as many customers have requested for his landscape designing services.

Presently Craig’s revenue is over a million US dollars in the last financial year.


We know that different people have different hobbies. Nevertheless, do you know how to make them useful in improving your living status? Many of you think that starting a business from what you like doing is easy.

If you want to reap big from your hobby, do research and look for necessities for your business. Furthermore, if you have a unique hobby, make sure to use it to make money and start your own company.

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