Unique Gifts that will Make Dadpreneurs Extra Joyous On Father’s Day & Beyond

There’s no better day than Father’s Day to show all the wonderful dads in your life how much you appreciate them. If you know an ambitious dadpreneur who works extra hard to manage a business that helps support his family, pamper him this Father’s Day with a unique gift that will truly make him smile. Forgo the same-old “#1 Dad” T-shirt and give him an extra special gift that will make him joyous on Father’s Day and beyond.

Dadpreneurs definitely deserve recognition for their ability to balance running a business and managing their family life. If you’re stumped on what to get the dadpreneur this Father’s Day, no need to worry! Below are must-have gifts that will make his eyes twinkle with delight. From a stylish wooden watch for his everyday wardrobe to an innovative health device to keep his hair in tip top shape, the below gifts are sure to be a hit.

GoGolf GPS: The Top Gift for Dadpreneurs Who Love Golf

No more guessing distances! At the touch of a button, GoGolf GPS audibly announces the distance to the center of the green and can even call out the distance of his last shot. This Bluetooth unit connects directly to the innovative GoGolf GPS app (compatible with both Android and iOS devices) so he never has to worry about taking out his phone while he’s mastering the fairway. Lightweight, it conveniently clips to his glasses or visor.
Buy now: $89.99 at gogolfgps.com.

Theragrow Laser Helmet: The World’s Most Advanced At-Home Hair Loss Solution

Help the dadpreneur maintain a full and healthy head of hair! Created by a former NASA scientist (Tamim Hamid), the Theragrow Laser Helmet uses Laser Phototherapy to minimize hair loss and promote hair growth. Easy to use, this hands-free and cordless helmet is FDA-approved and will reduce hair loss, rejuvenate hair follicles, and effectively regrow hair. It has 40 individual lasers and provides maximum scalp coverage to treat all areas affected by the androgenetic alopecia hair loss condition and more.
Buy now: $495.00 at theragrow.com.

SureCall Flare Voice, Text & 4G LTE Cell Phone Signal Booster

Throughout each workday, it is pertinent that the busy dadpreneur is always able to stay connected and keep dropped calls at bay. He will greatly appreciate the SureCall Flare, as it enhances voice, text, and 3G/4G LTE signals for all North American cell carriers. This will help dad reduce dropped and missed calls so he can stay extra productive every day. It covers 1-2 rooms and also improves 4G LTE data speeds! Features 50 feet of RG-6 cable and an Omni-directional outdoor antenna that captures signal from all directions.
Buy now: $399.00 at surecall.com.

GoFish Cam: Top Gift for Dadpreneurs Who De-Stress By Going Fishing

This innovative wireless underwater camera will bring his fishing strategy to a whole new level. It sits on his fishing line (and doesn’t disrupt anything) and works with a mobile app. Anglers can capture action-packed footage, gain insight into the underwater fishing experience, and review and edit awesome video content that can be shared on social media. It’s the perfect way to really see what’s happening underwater while fishing!
Buy now: $239.99 at gofishcam.com.

Gold Medal Wine Club’s “Father’s Day Special 3 Bottles & More” Gift Box

This is the perfect gift box for dads who love relaxing at the end of the long workday with wine. It features one bottle of Kenneth Volk 2012 Tempranillo (which has a palate of strawberries, spices, vanilla and plum), one bottle of Kenneth Volk 2013 Verdelho (boasts intricate and complex aromas of white flowers, ripe melon and citrus zest), and one bottle of Ranch 32 Vintner’s Reserve 2013 Meritage (a blend of 3 Bordeaux grape varietals). Also comes with a stainless steel corkscrew and a Neoprene one-bottle wine tote.
Buy now: $81.90 at goldmedalwineclub.com. He would also love one of their monthly Wine Club subscriptions!

Oska Pulse Pain Relief Device – Help Dad Keep Minor Aches Away!

If the dadpreneur deals with aches or chronic pain, this is the simple, non-drug solution. Oska Pulse optimizes Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapeutic technology, a therapy trusted by medical practitioners to help people live a more active, pain-free and drug-free lifestyle. It assists with the release of the body’s natural endorphins, helps reduce pain, and promotes an increased range of motion. The device also helps dilate blood vessels to reduce inflammation and increase blood flow (great for those who work on their feet).
Buy now: $399.00 at oskawellness.com. It fits anywhere on the body!

Andis Razr Lather Machine 72225

If the dadpreneur in your life has a stylish beard, he will rave about this gift. It heats up in 15 minutes and creates a hot, thick lather to soften the toughest beards for easy, close shaving. Designed to reduce countertop mess, it is perfect for smooth and straight razor shaves. Features an enclosed motor design that prevents rust and corrosion and a stainless-steel valve for long life. It will keep dad’s beard ready to impress!
Buy now: $146.99 at walmart.com.

Tree Hut Watch

This Father’s Day, gift the dadpreneur with a stylish and unique watch he will love wearing with his everyday attire. Tree Hut’s design-forward, handmade wooden timepieces can be custom engraved! Handcrafted in San Francisco, the handsome watches are available in 30 different wood types that are all sustainably harvested. Some designs also integrate materials like leather and marble to match any dad’s taste. Tree Hut is currently offering FREE engravings to make Father’s Day more meaningful!
Buy now: Watches are priced between $79 and $289 at treehut.co.

Casa Noble’s High End Joven Tequila

Dadpreneurs will love breaking out this bottle during poker night with all the guys! This high-end, ultra-premium 100% blue agave tequila is nurtured and harvested in Tequila, Jalisco, Mexico. Eco-conscious dadpreneurs will also appreciate how it is one of the only certified organic tequilas on the market. It is 102 proof and has a lush taste, smooth finish, and notes of earthy, rich cooked agave paired perfectly with sweet floral and tropical fruit notes. Joven is also aged for 6 weeks, bringing forth notes of vanilla.
Buy now: $45.99 at casanoble.com.

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