Pamper the Dadpreneur with These Must-Have Father’s Day Gifts for His Man Cave

Father’s Day is almost here, and are you wondering what to get for the special, self-driven dadpreneur in your life? Many dadpreneurs work very long hours and love de-stressing by simply chilling out and doing fun activities in their man caves. They love hosting poker night, watching sports, practicing yoga, and more in their own special room. This Father’s Day, give the dadpreneur a gift to make his man cave extra welcoming!

There are countless ways to help jazz up the dadpreneur’s man cave this Father’s Day. If you still don’t know what he might like to add to his chill-out space, look no further! Below is a quick roundup of man cave essentials that he is sure to love and appreciate. From a tasty, premium bottle of luxe tequila to a special gift box filled with delectable snacks from countries afar, the below gifts will dazzle him this Father’s Day!

Supported Soul Sea to Sky All-In-One Yoga mat

Most dadpreneurs have very demanding schedules, so it is pertinent that they make time for self-care. If he loves de-stressing with yoga, help nurture his practice with this stylish, eco-friendly combination yoga mat (yoga mat + towel in one) inspired by the great outdoors! Featuring a high quality microfiber top layer & natural tree rubber base, this machine washable and dependable mat will help him stay centered.
Buy now: $83.00 at Comes with a carrying strap.

Noon Room Bundle

Dad will appreciate how Noon makes all the existing lights in a room smart without the need for rewiring or new bulbs. With one touch of the switch or the app (or by using voice control), he can set custom moods for all of his man cave activities, from playing video games to reading. Noon features a motion-activated Night Light and dad can also check to see if anyone left lights on when the family is on a trip. Noon even learns and mimics your family’s use of the lighting to make it look like everyone’s home to deter intruders!
Buy now: $349.99 at, perfect for coordinating 3 switches.

WellnessMat’s Granite Collection

Many dadpreneurs use their man caves as a space to work on carpentry or other passion projects where they need to stand a lot. If that is the case for the dadpreneur in your life, he would love WellnessMat’s stylish and rugged looking new Granite Collection. These mats provide essential support underfoot to reduce stress on muscles and joints, improve circulation, and reduce fatigue. Available with Copper, Emerald, Gold, Steel and Onyx finishes, the Granite WellnessMats all feature flecks of color and metallic highlights.
Buy now: Each mat is $129.95 and up at

Double Good Popcorn Boxes

These are a MUST-HAVE for game day in his man cave! Each box contains 3, 6, or 9 snack bags of popcorn in tantalizing flavors like Waddle You Do For Cookies? and Easy Peasy Caramel Cheesy. Also included is a card you can personalize with your own special message. This gift also gives back, as half of every dollar spent is donated to their Double Good Kids Foundation that provides the equipment, education, and opportunity for kids with special needs to get all the benefits that sports and extracurricular activities provide.
Buy now: Boxes are $39.00 (for 3 bags) and up at

Notion Sensor Starter Kit–Help Dad Keep His Man Cave Safe & Sound

This innovative IOT smart home sensor will help dads have greater peace of mind, as it sends real-time mobile alerts if it detects the opening/closing of doors and windows, if there’s a water leak, and much more. It can also detect if the smoke alarm is going off, if someone is touching the thermostat, and if the liquor cabinet is opened. The Notion Sensor Starter Kit will help dad keep his family and himself safe.
Buy now: A kit with 3 Sensors + 1 Bridge is $219.00 at

Lacoste Legend Supima Cotton Bath Towel Collection

Help style up his man cave’s bathroom with these plush towels! Featuring refined dobby weaving, the Lacoste Legend Supima cotton bath towel collection makes a plush statement, all accented with the signature crocodile. The towels are available in a vast array of colors that can complement any bathroom aesthetic. Choose from the Legend 30″ X 54″ Supima Cotton Bath Towel, the Legend 16″ X 30″ Supima Cotton Hand Towel, and more.
Buy now: Prices vary, available at

SnackCrate Premium Box – For the Adventurous, Foodie Dadpreneur

SnackCrate is an international-themed snack box subscription service that curates must-have eats from countries all over the world. It is a great way to bring dad back to his favorite trip or let him get a taste of other cultures. You can choose from countries like Ireland, South Korea, and New Zealand! Every SnackCrate subscription gives customers the chance to win the SnackCrate Adventure Ticket™. Customers who find the ticket in their SnackCrate will win a trip for them and a friend to that month’s featured country!

Buy now: The Premium Box subscription (18-20+ full-sizes snacks) is $49.00 a month at For a limited time, all new SnackCrate subscriptions are $5 for the first month.

Top Picks for His Man Cave’s Bar

Clase Azul Reposado Tequila

The dadpreneur will love the smooth woody and fruity taste of this tequila, which is aged in reclaimed American oak barrels for eight months after it has gone through the distillation process. Each bottle is made with high quality white ceramic and then hand painted by artisans. The decanter is so beautiful that once the tequila is gone, dad will likely use it as a vase to give flowers to mom (or get out the toolbox and turn it into a lamp)!
Retails for $99.99. For more info and to find retail locations, visit

RUFFINO’s IL Ducale Red

If he likes to relax at the end of the long workday with wine, then he will love keeping this special red blend in his man cave! It opens with fruit-driven notes that unfold into round, elegant tannins. This well-balanced wine finishes with ripe fruits and aromas of vanilla and balsamic herbs. Born from Ruffino’s century-old winemaking traditions, RUFFINO’s IL Ducale Red is a modern Tuscan wine that pairs beautifully with tomato bruschetta!
Buy now: $18.49 at

Gnarly Head Chardonnay Wine

If the dadpreneur loves sipping on Chardonnay, then he will love this juicy and full-bodied Gnarly 
Head wine that features citrusy aromas of lemon zest, honeydew melon and a hint of toasty oak. Gnarly Head’s winemakers select grapes from some of the best vineyards in Northern California to create their bold, sophisticated wines.
Visit for more info and to see stores that carry it.

The 2015 Zinfandel Dry Creek Valley Platinum Series by Windsor Vineyards

This spectacular wine features a core of blackberry jam and briar interwoven with flavors of cherry pie and vanilla. Each Windsor Vineyards bottle also comes with its own personal twist for the ultimate gift! You can create a special custom label for the dadpreneur (for no cost) to affix to any of their wines! This tasty wine will help him relax at the end of a busy work week and he will smile every time he reads your customized label.
Retails for $27.00 at

Emerald Head’s Flavorful Cashews

These nuts are incredibly tasty and pair very well with the wines. He will love munching on unique, mouthwatering flavors like Salt & Pepper, spicy Jalapeño, and Sriracha while sipping on the Gnarly Head wine! Visit for more info and retail locations.

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