5 Things You Should Know About Your Social Security Card

A Social Security card is important in every American’s life. It allows you to work and access financial services from banks such as credits. Social Security also benefits people living with a disability.

If you get involved in an accident and become disabled, meaning you lose your ability to work, you can claim Social Security benefits. Apart from requiring a Social Security number for work, there are other reasons every American citizen requires a Social Security card.

New US citizens, whether by birth or not, need a Social Security card. If your card is lost or destroyed, or you change your name, you can order a card replacement. Here are the top five things you need to know about Social Security cards:

1. Card Replacement

Card replacement is done at SSA if your card gets lost, destroyed or stolen. However, if you still know your Social Security number, it is not mandatory to apply for a card replacement. The question many people ask is: how long does it take to get a replacement social security card?

The amount of time required to process Social Security documents depends on each individual’s case and the state processing the replacement. However, the average time it takes is 2 weeks. You might even be surprised to get a replacement within 5 minutes, especially if you visit the office physically.

Replacing a Social Security card in the United States is free. All individuals, regardless of age, are only allowed to replace their cards thrice a year. Moreover, you can only replace your Social Security card not more than 10 times in your lifetime. However, unique circumstances like the changing of names are not limited.

2. Protecting Your Card from Theft and Fraud

Be informed of what to do when your card is stolen to prevent fraud and identity theft. First and foremost, call your local police to file a theft report immediately. Next, contact the SSA to alert them of the theft and to begin filing for card replacement.

Review all the information carefully. Beware of companies you do not know contacting you. In cases where accounts exists that you did not open, close them. Finally, report the theft to the Federal Trade Commission to investigate. Do not forget to print out your identity affidavit.

3. Correction of Card Information

Failing to correct card information can lead to adverse effects. Contact SSA and your employer regarding your change of details to avoid the wrong posting of income. Incorrect details can lead to your Social Security benefits reducing and you might end up owing SSA.

4. Applying for Your Baby

You should know when to apply for a Social Security card for your child. Apply at the time of giving information for the birth certificate. The process involves giving identification information about you and birth details of your child apart from the birth certificate.

5. Card Protection

Your card details are confidential and thus you should avoid giving it out unnecessarily. Good advice is to keep your card at home with other valuable documents locked away unless you are going to use it. Before you give out your card, ask why it is needed and under what law. It will help you make the right decisions and avoid fraudulent activities and protect your identity.

Look online to find out more about Social Security cards, why you need on and how to get one.

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